Safe mercury fillings removal

Dentists have been using one of the most toxic elements in people’s mouth for decades, for them it was a great idea!! The so called silver fillings they use on dental cavities, but they are really a combination of silver and mercury, which is, again, one of the most toxic substances on the periodic table of elements.

Mercury fillings are part of the past, now days dentist have realized that mercury does not belong in the human body at the same time, dental clients are increasingly realizing they need to get that mercury removed, because as you chew and breathe, some of that mercury is being ingested by your digestive tract or inhaled into your lungs. Those mercury fillings disappear day by day out of your teeth, they go Right into your body.

One incredible testimony is of a patient that was diagnosed with fibromyalgia; her symptoms disappeared within 30 days of removing all the mercury from her mouth. Mercury is also known to promote Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other nervous system disorders.

Although we live in modern times, there are dentist who are still in the dark ages, and don’t know how to properly remove mercury from your mouth. For this reason just because a conventional dentist told you the mercury is gone, it is true, it is probably that you still have mercury in your mouth. It is essential that the proper procedure is used when removing the mercury from your fillings because toxic fumes can present serious health risks if not done properly. It is important to boost the antioxidants in your system and help nutritionally protect you from the mercury. This can be achieved with a 3000 mg dose of Vitamin C, also take chlorella before your appointment, because chlorella binds with heavy metals and prevents them from being absorbed by your system.

Facemasks are used to filter out volatile organic compounds and particulate matter to protect you from the mercury. Constant suction and washing is used to get the mercury out of the mouth as it is drilled out. After all of this is done, the mouth is rinsed out without swallowing, making sure any extra mercury is washed out.

After this, follow up at home with a couple of capsules of activated charcoal, because activated charcoal also absorbs heavy metals. This is the proper way to get mercury removed from your mouth, and if your dentist isn't using a similar technique, then he or she is unnecessarily exposing you to mercury vapor or particles, just as you think you're getting the stuff removed from your mouth.

We strongly recommend you get all the mercury taken out of your mouth as quickly as possible for a variety of health reasons, It is important to make sure you get it done right so you don't expose yourself to mercury vapor or particles during the removal process, or else the removal can be far more toxic than just leaving it in place. However, a good removal will, of course, get this heavy metal out of your body in the safest way possible, without exposing you to dangerous vapor.

Visit us and get rid of your mercury fillings today, make of your teeth healthier and get a beautiful smile!!